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Morewop is Keeping it Real with Upcoming Project “Road Runner”

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It took an upbringing of struggle and the realization of talent for Chicago’s Morewop to begin taking his musical talents seriously. After starting music at the age of 19 without a clear direction for a career, he began his journey with the releases of his EP “WOPTOBER” and album “Who I Do It 4.” Now, he has seen his music generate millions of views of YouTube and TikTok and hopes the reception of “Road Runner,” his upcoming project, will be just as positive.

Morewop will dedicate “Road Runner” to hustlers and grinders trying to reach their potential and facing different hurdles. This is much the story of his own life, which is one of the most difficult subjects Morewop has had to write about. He has kept on the road to success by staying humble and building confidence, which is also the advice he would give to other young artists looking to make it in the music industry.

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