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Interview with Rising Gospel Artist Drew Anderson

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Drew Anderson is on the rise. While the sentiment can be overused these days, in Drew Anderson’s case, it speaks perfectly to where the American rapper is on his journey; from filling venues to harnessing a strong fan base, this artist has been undergoing tremendous growth this year, and the future looks bright.  

In an interview with Thisis50, Drew shares a bit more about his musical progress

TI50 : Let’s talk about your name Drew Anderson. As an artist, why did you 

decide to stick to your government name?


I changed my legal name after coming to Christ and dropping a few projects under the name C.O.E (Christ Over Everything). As I grew in age and spiritual maturity, I felt it was only suitable to go by my actual name to better connect and build more with those listening to the music I was releasing.


TI50 : You’ve previously spoken about being influenced by several rappers, 

do you still consider yourself a student of hip-hop?


The great thing about authentically belonging to the genre of CHH is that you get to learn from and receive from your peers that have been walking with the Lord, even if they aren’t rappers. Shout out to my brother Bryann Trejo, my Pastor at Xtreme Harvest Church, Brian Ayala, and others I trust to pour into my walk! Ultimately, I never want to reach a point in my life or walk where I’m unwilling to watch, learn and receive from those God has surrounded me with.




TI50 : When it comes to freestyling, how comfortable are you in that realm?


I started freestyling when I was 13 at school during lunch and recess. We would stand around a trash can, and someone would make beats with a pen and their hands while others would flow. It took me a while to jump in and try, but I fell in love with every aspect of it when I did. The arena was predominantly made up of every race except Asian, so I was often the “different one” in the circle. I would use/still use that as motivation to grow my vocabulary, wordplay, and delivery since no one ever expects the Korean kid in the circle to have bars.


TI50 : Would you ever do a cypher? 


Yes, I have done a bunch already, including the Power 106.7 Chamber, the 98.5 The Beat 210 Mic Pass, and, more recently, several CHH cyphers.


TI50 : Where do you draw inspiration from?


I draw my inspiration from God and His Word, my parents, my fiancé, my children, my testimony, and the knowledge that many need Jesus and have yet to receive Him as Lord and Savior.



TI50 : So, what does the rest of the year look like for you? What’sWhat’s dropping next?


The rest of 2021 is pretty busy. I will be traveling for ministry on the United Tour and other events around the US.  I’ll also be dropping an EP entitled “Identity”, will be getting married to my beautiful fiancé Christina, serving at my home church Xtreme Harvest and whatever else God has in store for me. 

TI50 : What are your career goals?


I want to impact the Kingdom of God, give God all the glory, and leave a legacy behind for my family. Fame, fortune, and material items mean nothing if I don’t lead my family, friends and that God sends to hear what He has to say through me in music to the cross, repentance, and salvation.


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