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Stimulus Won’t Be “On The Low” Much Longer

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“On The Low” is the latest and greatest from Omaha Nebraska’s own Stimulus. The infectious record was produced by FR!ZZ and showcases Stimulus’ continued ability to adapt his flow to the feel of any record. It also offers insight into his perceptive mindset, and his belief that keeping to himself while staying on his toes and independent is his best shot at attaining longevity in a fickle game, whether that game is dating or the music industry itself.

When discussing the record with Stimulus, he elaborated “It’s a tongue-in-cheek type anthem feel where I’m venting about my personal experience with women and different situations in general. With a touch of me talking shit…At the same time, it’s about being able to learn from situations 3rd hand, and 1st hand. I’ve always been very aware in that sense, so it’s something I’m constantly doing. It’s really structured to have a certain degree of silly tongue-in-cheek ignorance, with a serious undertone that has an actual meaning. While also being an expression of myself in a moment…” It’s the command of this type of nuance as well as his eclectic sensibilities and independent spirit that really continue to draw me to Stimulus’s work. I’d encourage you to “read the fine print”, stream “On The Low” and follow Stimulus at the links below:

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