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Rapper, Foreign Glizzy Talks Album, Passion, and Building an Empire

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Foreign Glizzy’s music has a unique uptempo sound with rhythmic beats and piano instrumental loops intertwined.  His rap lyrics center around getting money (Or getting the bag as put in some of his songs), positive motivation for his peers and community, and economic development. Glizzy delivers this message to his audience in a way that only they can relate to.


On his album, “Foreign Exchange”, he introduces listeners to his way of life. You can understand that his lavish lifestyle is expressed through his lyrics with Fancy cars, nice clothes, the whole nine yards being main topics of discussion. Yet he’s honest about his environment with all the glitters definitely not being gold. He raps, “I know some robbers, know some killers, know some drug dealers.”

His flow structure shows versatility. He switches up several times on the project — from trap to drill — but his bars always sit nicely just above the beat. When he raps, you can tell he’s no newcomer to hip hop.

Foreign Glizzy knew early on that his affinity for music was special. “I always had a love for music,” he explained, “since a kid… even while I was playing sports growing up. I have always been good at freestyling, and my friends and family always wanted to hear me rap. They encouraged me to pursue music. I played Division 1 college basketball and some professional ball …and after that ended I decided to pursue music full time.”

Foreign Glizzy has a great deal of respect for Rick Ross, mentioning him on the album numerous times. He says, “I wouldn’t say he has had an impact on my sound, but as an overall artist, entrepreneur, businessman, and branding, he is a person I admire.” He remarked on how Ross used his music success and built his empire around it. Glizzy explained that he’s using those same fundamental principles to build his own brands and labels.

Glizzy can attest to being a successful business entrepreneur himself. The rapper owns multiple “Foreign Family Clothing” retail stores throughout the Bay Area. He’s also the Founder and CEO of a label called Foreign Family Records, and has several artists signed under him.

Foreign Glizzy is building his empire, and listeners can hear all about it on “Foreign Exchange”. His music is available on all major platforms. 

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