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Atlanta based artist Ray Knowledge is turning heads

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Ray Knowledge is a rapper and filmmaker with a story to tell.


Ray Knowledge is a rap artist and songwriter who has so much to offer behind the music. In addition to being a passionate artist and music production expert, Ray is a professional filmmaker a the helm of his own company, Visionful Productions. He provides media services for artists and creates beautiful music videos that help musicians tell their stories. As a rapper himself, Ray knows what it means to share insightful stories, and he uses his creativity to convey a compelling message to his audience.


Some artists aim to entertain their audience with shallow, immediate content, but this is not the case with Ray’s work in music and film alike. He is passionate about every aspect of the creative project, and his end goal is to create a much deeper connection with his audience. When not busy making music, producing audio, or filming, he often spends his time working on charitable initiatives and enjoys the company of his beautiful family members.


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