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Ever heard a song and felt “yeah! This is dope,” like where have I been all along? Well, that’s the energy Sinceree keeps dishing out and his songs are like fire shooting straight at his fans.


Born in Richton Park I11 the 708, Sinceree is clearly not your regular music Artist. His songs are lit and his sense of style is classy. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise at all since he stands on the acronym W.A.N.T.S which means We Are Not The Same. 


His ability to stay humble on his musical journey to stardom without losing the very essence of his uniqueness is something we all should learn from this sensational artist whose music is always a breath of fresh air.


His music is currently under the direction of some of the best and purest creatives ever; Weldon Hullett, DeShean Marquil (a local Detroit Creative Power Broker), and Urkeno Walter. 


Trained and directed by the best, Sinceree is breaking new grounds in music, fashion, and entrepreneurship and that’s applaudable for an artist of his caliber.


Marquil, who is one of those Sinceree takes heed to is a force to reckon with in the fashion industry; amongst other things and at some point, he was dating Irina Shnitman- another ‘authority’ in the modeling and fashion industry. He runs a multi-media company called Ahead Of The Game Music Publishing LLC (BMI) which is also a parent company of the Local International Detroit Scene.


Sinceree is indeed blessed to be a beneficiary of an informed and versatile ‘support group,’ and we can as well get ready as he takes us on a rollercoaster ride with his achievements in music, fashion, and entrepreneurship.


It’s not a game of luck or chance, as one of the things that endeared Sinceree to a powerhouse like Marquil is his work ethic.

Hullet, friend, and collaborator to Marquil clearly told him that out of everyone under consideration, Sinceree deserves the “BAG” on the basis of his due diligence and hard work. 


If you’re not one to tread carefully, you’ll almost mistake Sinceree for Legendary Rap Artist, Future because the semblance is striking. 


Already, Sinceree is delving into international collaborations with the likes of Icy Lando from Nairobi Kenya, and Kingston from Kingston Jamaica, ever since he caught the attention of Pop-Avenue Records through Marquil.


His unique voice and sound are electrifying, yet disarming and Sinceree has the looks and an elevated street persona that’s absolutely hard to miss.


He has admitted to owning a large catalog of about 100 songs, of which 40 are demo while the rest 60 are in development, under the label B.M.E which means Bag Music Entrepreneurs.


Should we better prepare for a ‘Rap Lyrical Volcanic Stirring’ in the industry? Guess it’s up to Sinceree to decide the pace!


In the music video of his song “SRT”, you can literally feel the energy, as Sinceree spits out his lyrics unapologetically. His songs are recording massive success and it’s not hard to understand why.


Just be sure to have your dancing shoes on before punching the play button because it’s about to take you to a whole new mood!





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