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Jetset Is A Triple Threat: Young, Zealous and Dominating The NFT World

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A 24-year-old entrepreneur has been making history in the digital world as JetSetFly or Josh King Madrid. Getting on top of a throne and rising to the top of the NFTs industry isn’t an easy task, but JetSetFly has already accomplished this.

Digital artists can use Non-Fungible Token to make money and a career out of their digital creations. As the world has already shifted to technology, NFTs have been like a cherry on the cake. This gives creative people a chance to showcase the work that they do not have in the physical world. The time and money that the audience invests in them have become crucial to their future. From ordinary people to a celebrity, NFTs are hyped in this generation and can change the future.

Both aspiring and seasoned business owners might fall victim to the unsavoury intents of others. A lot of business owners have experienced betrayal. The fact that it was carried out by someone they intimately collaborated with or trusted makes it more concerning. The hardship of being deceived, which he called one of the hardest periods of his life, has been experienced by multi-millionaire neuro-marketer, online entrepreneur, public speaker, and internet celebrity JetSetFly. It is worth hearing how he overcame the betrayal.

JetSetFly along with the creator of Junior Punks Joey Sendz & TheBlondeJon co-founded the NFTMagazine which is the top NFT news site in the world, which at the moment has over forty team members and a corporate headquarters in the middle of Irvine, California. It is the top news source for NFT Alpha online in the entire world. You can get the most recent information about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs at The most recent drops, articles, podcasts, events, and NFT alerts may all be found here.

The is the buzz of the digital world as they will be dropping their first project titled “Paper Boyz” in July 2022. Providing people with access to the NFT community of their time is the main goal of this project. If they join the premium Discord Community, creators, artists, and newbies can enroll for a lifetime. It can provide them with the potential opportunity to eventually dominate the NFT market after a few years.

Paper Boyz is an interesting project that deserves our attention and time. To learn more about this project and the creators behind it, you can click on the links below, and they will take you directly to all the information you will ever need.

Official website of JetSetFly:



Connect with PaperBoyz On Twitter:

Jetset Official Twitter :



NFT premint launches July 1st

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