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Finesse Cobain Captivates His Fans On Hit “Love Spells”

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Finesse Cobain, a rising artist coming out of Atlanta, Georgia, where he is fiercely attempting to change his life for the better. Not many people understand what it has taken to get him where he is today. It has been a long journey full of bouts with people trying to discourage him from his dream, but he loves proving them wrong in all aspects. Sticking it to the ones who once doubted him, Finesse Cobain just released an EP with a plethora of solid songs, but “Love Spells” in particular sticks out above the rest.


Finesse Cobain’s melodious vocals, which convey his passion and agony throughout the song, are featured on “Love Spells.” As he recalls his first love and how he used to keep her near, he realizes that this is no longer the case. He sold his soul to a “green-eyed demon,” who has since left Cobain wondering what could’ve been. Painting the picture in your head with his lyricism, Finesse Cobain will have you in your feelings with this one.


Love Spells” is a beautifully crafted song from top to bottom and is a good depiction of the talent Finesse Cobain has to offer. Make sure you stay in tune with this up-and-coming artist, as he is well on his way to becoming a household star.


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