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Washington DC Artist Ayye Moe is Switching It Up With New Single “All of it”

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After a profession change that included turning down the chance to return overseas and continue his pro basketball career, Darian Hooker, better known as Ayye Moe, began making music in 2017. Fighting against the doubts of some close to him and the steep learning curve, he began as a rapper. Soon he took voice lessons and discovered his passion to do more than rap music. He said in an interview, “The challenge of doing [voice lessons] and being able to write songs that I can vocally go off on was something I took as a challenge. That is why the transition from my initial single, “Switch Teams,” to my second single, “Came to Do,” is so

dramatic. Singing was so difficult, but I knew I had the ability in me, so I pursued it.”

His most recent single, “All of it,” dropped June 11th and is the predecessor to a project to follow in August. The song displays his new flow and style and will establish Ayye Moe in the lane he wishes to follow musically. Ayye Moe aspires to create music that expresses emotions that are difficult to understand and articulate otherwise. He hopes this will connect audiences and fans to the songs they hear and continue the growth he is quickly seeing.

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