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Get Ready To Sauce Up Your Life With Foletown’s New Song “Sauced”

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A new artist has emerged in the house pop scene by the name of Nick Foley or better known professionally as Foletown. With the release of his new EP and the single “Sauced,” Nick has started to get the attention of house music fans all across the globe.

Born and raised in Miami, Nick is no stranger to the house music scene. His unique style of music, which features the current style of dance and house music along with how it originated, has allowed him to create a name for himself. He is a force to be reckoned with.

With its catchy tunes and electrifying beats, “Sauced” truly separates him from other players in the game. It truly showcases the extent of his creativity and talent. Once you listen to “Sauced,” and you will no doubt start dancing to its beat.

Aside from “Sauced,” the other songs in his new EP are “Space” and “Atmosphere.” The songs are gaining a slow and steady rise in popularity. Rumor Records have done their best to present the genius of Foletown to its greatest extent. He is no doubt an artist you should keep an eye out for.

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