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GerkOne is back bigger and better than ever.

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In 2007 hip hop artist GerkOne made his first appearance to the music industry in Windsor Ontario Canada, With heavy influence from across the boarder in Detroit by his original mentor J-Finn “CEO and founder of G.L.O.C. records” it wasn’t hard for GerkOne to develop his own style and roll with it. Coming with his first single “My Block” he took the local scene by force and continued making noise collaborating with well established artists in the area as well as consistently putting out great music. By 2008 the first mixtape “F8tal Division” was circulating the streets and GerkOne was on his grind pushing his music and performing almost weekly, “We would actually stand outside grocery stores and gas stations trying to sell CDs to people who had never heard of us” -GerkOne. In 2009 GerkOne had reached a new level of popularity and landed himself on the MySpace top charts as the #10 Unsigned Canadian hip hop artist, *Same time Drake was #1 in the same category. This lead 2010 into a top tier collaboration with 2x multi platinum recording artist 2 Pistols, But 2010 started and ended with a bang because it was also the end of GerkOne as we knew it. That’s right, after his many achievements and being well on the way to solidifying his place in the music industry GerkOne disappeared from the scene all together in an instant. 10 years has passed without a sight or sound from GerkOne, it’s 2020 the pandemic has just begun but the timing must be right for this nearly forgotten artist because he came back full swing with a vengeance! The first single “No Limit” took his loyal and new fans alike by storm and was even picked up by the West Coast legend The Game and given placement on his mixtape “Who Got Game”. “Real As It Gets” was the next single in line and everyone’s expectations were met. The song was featured on World Star Hip Hop and GerkOne was steadily building up the hype for what was next to come. New York’s rap giant Jadakiss appeared on the headline track “Big Bad Bruin” off GerkOne’s debut album “Pardon My Attitude” that brought in a massive following and over 200k streams in its first month. Since then accumulating streams isn’t the only thing he’s been up to, we’ve already been hit with three singles in 2021 so far. “Count It All” and “Seeing Me” were two back to back bangers followed by his latest release “Over Ice” that is currently taking over the internet. GerkOne tells us we have 2 more singles to look forward to in July alone and warns us to keep our eyes peeled for another album and an upcoming project with Detroit’s Royce Da 5’9 who is ranked as one of the top MCs of our time. Our best advice is to keep your eyes out for this up and comer, your sure to be seeing a lot of him.

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