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Writer & Director C-class Produces Pro Black Web Series “The Bullet To The Ballot”

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Pro Black Web Series “The Bullet To The Ballot” hunts racists and offenders of Trayvon Martin, Breonna Taylor and other civil rights victims which is written and directed by C-class ( @cclassave ).

The Bullet To The Ballot in which rap star Beanie Sigel makes a featured appearance, is focused on toppling the government and putting an end to systematic racism and injustice by any means necessary.

The lead character “Ogun” is played by C-class. His father was an activist that was killed by police when he was a kid. Ogun grows up and transforms his pro black group, F.E.X, into a black mercenary military offense team with a duty to develop and protect black people from all forms of oppression at all cost.

The ideologies behind the series are based on the teachings of Malcolm X, Dr. Khalid Muhammad and The National Black Panther Party’s eye for an eye and do for self way of life.

Watch the trailer and the first 2 episodes of The Bullet To The Ballot Web Series below:
Youtube Channel:

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