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Out Of Passion For His Craft, Ezra is Creating a Unique and Versatile Music, Widening His Fan Base

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For the past two years, Ezra has been well established in the music industry, receiving different offers for different publishing and distribution deals. He has been creating music since he was in school; hence his expertise in the craft is immensely advanced. He is an independent artist under Rich Era Management, but he also loves performing and has traveled to many places in the USA and Israel for shows. He prepares for the stage by practicing before the performance, taking two deep breaths and a shot of tequila to calm his nerves.

Musical Preference

Ezra has a pretty specific taste in music, making him listen to particular artists like XXXtentacion, who also inspires him a lot. He is also a fan of his stuff, so you’ll mostly find him listening to his catalog. Check him out on his social media platforms @whereisezra and get to hear a different, versatile, and unique type of music and more updates on the youngster’s endeavors.

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