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Exclusive Interview: Rising Artist Draco Bandz

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Why did you start a career in music?
I always liked music growing up. Even when I was playing basketball I would  just rap to myself before games. Also it’s something my older cousin was into before he died, so it’s like I’m feeling his shoes and its therapy for me.

When did you know that it was going to be your career?
I knew music was my career once I was done playing basketball for good in 2012- 2013. Music was my back up plan from the jump.

What influences your music?
Some of the things that influence my music are the things i’ve seen and been through growing up on the southside of Chicago, Death of family and friends, Life basically. On a positive side the life you can live and being able to change other people life through my music

What artists in the music industry are you influenced by?
Master P, 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Biggie, Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, Young Dolph, QC P

Describe your childhood and some pivotal life changing moments?
My childhood growing up in Chicago was fun for the most part, it seems like growing up here childhood is very short though. It’s like by age 12- 13 you start to feel pain that adults feel seeing friends die. It’s Fun in chicago but its just them moments that catch you off guard, for me it was the passing of my cousin Jarmel “Mello” Wyatt

How has the pandemic changed your artistry?
The pandemic helped me more than hurt me. It made me and my team lock in more and get projects done. One point in the pandemic no one was dropping and I took that chance at dropping to build my buzz for me and 1713 Entertainment.

What project are you currently working on or have released and describe the concept behind it?
I just released another album titled “Goat Like Symptoms” with my single “Big Drac” the concept behind it was showing all the styles and not just putting me in a box of a drill chicago artist. Showing the signs of a Goat

What are your plans for the last quarter of 2021 regarding your music?
I plan to push “GOAT LIKE SYMPTOMS”, build a bigger buzz for 1713 ENTERTAINMENT & Drop more Visuals

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