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Top Things Music Video Directors Can Learn from Director Ali’s Success

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Music video production varies from one director to another. The metric by which music video directors are ranked largely depends on the overall quality of the projects. They have the accountability to make the music video perfect to suit the artist they are working with. They should ensure that the music is appealing and pleasing to the fans and portrays the style and brand of the artist effectively. Generally, a music video director is a leadership role that demands more than just focusing on the music. It requires excellent mastery of the technical aspects of the industry with constant updates on the happenings in the industry.

Knowledge around related skills is paramount and that’s why directors keep on learning. There is always something new to learn about as you try and keep up with the changes. Director Ali, an experienced music video director, producer, and brand manager, is a trendsetter in the music directing scene. His success in the industry is worth emulating and there are a lot of things to learn from him.

Ali is the director and manager of B Young, a global superstar who is also his brother. He has worked with numerous big productions and record labels around the world. The experience exposed him to the best practices in the industry and how different things work. Through constant learning and building his toolbox, he perfected the art of producing, shooting, and directing videos. One thing Ali sets out clear is that success is a journey. It all did not happen overnight for him. He was patient, constantly learning, and working with the best to be successful.

His journey in the competitive music industry is fascinating and inspiring. He started as an artist in 2011 but later quit due to personal reasons. He turned to direct music videos as he felt that other directors were not representing artists well enough. To him, they were not doing the correct type of branding with the artists he was managing. Understanding the artist’s character and the brand was more important but often left out. With his passion for visual representation and branding, it was easy for him to pick a camera and start doing what he loved the most. He had always seen the world from a unique visual angle.

He started by helping B Young work with his music catalog. But the encounter has grown to be a management deal since then. He later expanded into directing and now is in charge of creatively directing B Young’s entire music career. The partnership involves Young B taking care of the audio and Ali handling the visual side.

Ali is very particular with the artist he works with, something that every director should try to emulate. He loves to get involved with the artist’s music career to build the music video around their style and brand. His ambition is always to be several steps ahead of the industry. Incorporating filmmaking in music is among the concepts he is exploring.

Burna Boy, Wiz Kid, and Drake, the man of the decade, are some of the artists Ali aspires to work with. As for music video directors, he aspires to collaborate with Meji Alabi, KLVDR, and Director X.

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