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Ravi – “Roses”

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Korean rapper Ravi has recently released his latest album titled Roses.

Fronted by the single Cardigan featuring Korean rapper Wonstein, the seven-track album marks Ravi’s comeback after a short hiatus.

“Every song in ROSES is like a flower,” explains Ravi, of the album’s title. “Roses have many colors and each one symbolises something else, just like my tracks.”

The 28-year-old was initially hesitant to release ROSES due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I didn’t want to put out new works without performing it live, and COVID-19 meant I had to cancel my world tour last year.”

Ravi, who is a member of K-pop boy band Vixx, is currently managing a label that will be helping to promote legendary boy band Boys II Men back in his native South Korea.

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