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D. Weathers – Chinese Spot (feat. Dave East & Vado)

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The Prince of Poughkeepsie himself D. Weathers has linked up with some of Harlem’s heavy hitters, Dave East and Vado for the remix of his bubbling street record Chinese Spot. Weathers not only holds his own on bar for bar with East and V, but his verse taps into an emotion that those who take on the commitment to “do the bid” with a loved one who may be incarcerated can deeply relate to. East then pops off his verse with a unique flow and yet again displaying his ability to give us that true essence of hip hop feel. “HLR or what he would like to call “High Level Rap”. To close out the record we hear Vado’s slick talking bars, float over the Half produced instrumental, sounding completely in pocket as if he was an instrument himself. Poughkeepsie you must definitely have one. New York as a whole, I believe we got one.

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