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Yung Marley – “Big Shark”

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Atlanta’s very own Yung Marley released his new album Big Shark. The 14 track, three skit body of work is a testament of the rapper’s lifestyle and is inspired by the southern sound and lingo. On the song “All I can be” he quotes, “All I can be is what the streets made me, all that you see is what the streets gave me.” It shows his dedication to where he came from and where he is now. He talks about how he came from nothing, to now investing in stocks and property and this is a constant theme throughout the album. With a special feature from Lil Yatchty on track 7, “With Them Sharks” has a vibe that is guaranteed to make it a standout record. These collective songs are going to give fans the motivation to go out and get it, despite where you come from in life. Yung Marley tells a story that will resonate with the world and will continue to do so through his music.

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