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New Music: Boss Tripp 4Tre – Out the mud

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In tough times like the past months’ quarantine, the majority of the people had two re
actions, using that extra “alone-time” to pause the daily routine to take care of themselves or taking action and making the most of it dedicating themselves to growing a side hustle or focusing on their passions raising their productivity and the quality of their work.
Boss Tripp 4Tre did not waste any time and worked even harder on his art delivering a collaboration with Hot Boy Turk for the track “No Time” during quarantine. The high-productive streak continues with his release of ‘Growth’, a six-track hip-hop/rap EP release that comes with swift lyricism and powerful instrumentation that makes the whole record worth every second. With story-telling lyricism, this rising creative maintains a fully charged arsenal of music that proves, once again, that he has what it takes to be one of the next forces in the industry continuing to deliver lyrical depth and writing craftsmanship.
The San Antonio native was influenced by Nipsey Hussle. Like him, he seeks to create music that will tell his story and connect with listeners around the world, with the ability to put listeners in his shoes and his upbringing. His latest release is titled “Out the mud” and as the title suggests, the song is about him overcoming all the struggles he had to face to become the artist he is today, both a remin-der that life often is not easy so nothing is handed out to you and an inspiration to people that are currently in “the mud” showing them that hard work can often lead to a strong way out. The single comes with some strong visuals, showing Boss paying homage to his mother at the cemetery while rapping about how he will never stop working and how he will be “levitating levitating”. Once again he is proving how wide his range can be and why he deserves a place at the table of the “next-ups”, hopefully, we will hear more of him soon

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