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Talib Kweli & Yasiin Bey Talk Black Star I & II, Chappelle, Rap History & More | People’s Party Full

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In this episode of “People’s Party With Talib Kweli,” Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with legendary rapper, singer, songwriter, actor and one of Kweli’s closest friends:

Black Dante, Flaco, El-Bey the Moor, Might Mos Def…


The most anticipated episode of People’s Party has finally arrived. Here’s what you’ll hear:

• Yasiin and Talib’s first meeting in New York’s Washington Square Park.
• Dedicating one of his most iconic songs to his mother.
• Forming his first group UTD in 1994 with his brother DCQ and close friend Ces.
• What the vibe was like during the making of Black Star’s first album.
• The groups Bey listened to growing up that had the most impact on him.
• Yasiin’s process of coming to the decision of his move to South Africa.
• The inspirations for his 2004 rock-infused album ‘The New Danger’.
• The moment that he decided to change his name from Mos Def to Yasiin Bey.
• Balancing his spiritual side with rap stardom.
• Men connecting with each other and issues of mental health.
• A strong statement to those pressuring the release of ‘Black Star II’.
• Yasiin’s acting career and the roles he enjoyed the most.
• Discussion of Bey’s endeavors in the world of art.
• Dave Chappelle’s ‘Kindness Conspiracy’.
• Doing the ‘The Midnight Miracle’ podcast with Talib and Dave Chappelle.
• Admission of Bey’s rejoicing in the wake of Kweli’s “eviction” from Twitter.

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