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Dez Pave stands out of the crowd with his new project “Another Gamble”

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With talent that continues to grow closer to perfection, Dez Pave has been on his flex dropping timeless music for eager fans.


The genius spitter represents his hood of New Brighton, of Staten Island, New York. As complaints range from local to international about the redundancy in artists’ sounds, Dez Pave has broken the mold and stepped out from the bunch with his unique style of rapping. This has brought him much deserved respect in the rap game. Growing up in the Richmond Terrace housing projects, Dez Pave experienced a side of life normal kids are unaccustomed to, but he never allowed that to stop his dreams of attaining the world through his music while proudly carrying his hood on his back. As he enrolled and attended Ralph R. McKee high school, he doubled down on his passion for music and would set aside time to record songs with his friends after class.


With his craft becoming more defined and his music growing, he would launch his own record label, Hommy Entertainment in 2016. His debut album “LifeLinez” along with “Life Ain’t Fair” and “Live 4 2day” were released under his imprint in 2017, 2018, and 2019, respectively. A hattrick of releases that each attained praises from fans that delighted in the albums’ compositions. Yet, with his growing success, Dez Pave still struggles with balancing his career and family while still continuing to evolve as an artist through criticism he’s received.


Even with all upon his shoulders, Dez Pave has found the dedication to create yet another classic project. In May 2021, the rap game got his best work to date, “Another Gamble.” The project peaked in quality production, taking inspiration from a range of different sounds and genres. Dez Pave kicked into turbo gear with this album. His diversity and seamless transitions from club bangers like “V.I.P.” to storytelling on “Back To The Streets” is without a doubt a telling reality of the level of rapping Dez Pave has risen to. He gives fans something they can throw on and get lost in no matter the situation in life. Balling, chasing your dreams, money, marriages, friendships, nothing is untouched within Dez Pave’s arsenal of subject matter. “Another Gamble” is a soundtrack to life itself with songs for any mood.


Dez Pave is a man on a mission to be remembered for giving the best music fans could ever hear in their lifetime. His intentions are selfless, wanting to be remembered for his character and what he gave to the world, rather than what he attained from his fame as a dope artist. With his label steadily attaining popularity with his rise, his hopes of changing the politics and gatekeepers blocking the dreams of those coming up is only getting closer to being an actuality. As it stands, Dez Pave is one of the most promising artists of the new generation and his latest body of work, “Another Gamble” backs up that claim for certain.


The NY lyricist has since been rumored to be back to his silent space where the creativity to his masterpieces continue to shock fans worldwide. There’s no stopping on his path to the top and if his previous work says anything, is that what he has coming next will be even better. Be sure to follow Dez Pave and his career online and check out his extending catalog of music along with his newest addition to his projects, “Another Gamble.”


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