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ALT JULY: An Inspiring Songwriter and Artist

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ATL JULY has had a huge influence on the way we listen to music today. Early tracks by the American singer-songwriter became great hits for others. ATL JULY is a musician who performs as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, record producer, and musician. He is a very well-versed live performer with experience in a variety of musical genres, including Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B, Funk, and Rock. With the publication of uptown funk, he captured the hearts of many people all around the world. His solo career, band, and collaborations with many musicians from around the world are all highlights of an amazing career that continues to this day.

ALT JULY is a Cambridge native who now lives in Texas. He wrote music for artists, signed to labels, and collaborated with artists all around the world. He possessed the instinctive capacity to capture the highs, lows emphatically, and sometimes laughter of regular Americans as a top-notch recording engineer. ATL JULY has stated, “If you listen to my songs, they convey stories.” “I write as if I’m having a discussion with someone.”

He draws inspiration from his own experiences, and it isn’t easy to discover a song of his without a deeper meaning behind the words. Songwriting, he says, is like “leaving yourself bare” and “coming out with thoughts that could be extremely embarrassing.” The musician claims that it is a therapeutic procedure for him and that it has prevented him from “going insane” by writing songs. He is also well-known for drawing inspiration from his surroundings. So go out and observe – you never know when inspiration will strike!

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