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Gabe and Danny Arik Are Paving a Path Of Unmatched Customer Service With Happy Jewelers

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Gabe Arik, co-owner of Orange County’s Happy Jewelers, puts it as plain and simple as he can when talking about his company’s success. “We are the best in the jewelry business,” Gabe proudly professes. Aiming for total customer satisfaction in every interaction, Gabe and his brother, fellow co-owner Danny Arik, have set the standard for design and customer service in the jewelry industry nationwide. A family business at its core, Happy Jewelers offers an environment in which its entire staff and clientele feel like family.

When Happy Jewelers was founded in 2000, the Arik brothers were college-aged and had opted for a life of entrepreneurship in favor of secondary education. As young business owners in a competitive industry, Gabe and Danny set mutual goals for their business plan and set out for success. Possibly the most difficult task for the Ariks was earning respect from potential customers and vendors. Knowing they had the skills and drive to be a serious force in the industry, the brothers state that they “worked harder and smarter than everyone else” in order to climb to the status of success they are at today.  

An aspect of their business that the brothers highly attribute their success to is their strong foundation in manufacturing, which is due to the possession of their own facility. “Because we manufacture everything ourselves,” Arik shares, “we can create the most cutting-edge designs, offer the best pricing in the industry, and maintain optimum quality control, but best of all, deliver what we promise, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.”

This level of control that the Happy Jewelers’ owners have allows them to fulfill one of the most important parts of their business model: customer service. As a family-owned business, the Arik brothers have crafted an internal culture that treats all involved as a part of their family. Looking to the future, the brothers are currently sharing their core values with the next generation of their family. 

“My wife, Susie, worked alongside me for many years prior to us starting a family,” Gabe recollects. “We have two girls and two boys. Like their mother, my girls are now old enough to share and be a part of the business in helping people create lasting memories.” Part of the knowledge that Gabe and Danny share with their families are the high standards they have set for themselves and for Happy Jewelers in terms of business ethics, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. 

With the passing of knowledge happening amongst the Arik family, it is safe to say Happy Jewelers is set to be a successful and highly respected jeweler in California for decades to come. 

To learn more about Happy Jewelers and the Arik family, visit the company website and Instagram page.

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