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C.Rowe – Same Mistakes

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Mississauga, ON – On June 5th, C.Rowe released visuals for“Same Mistakes” as the final installment of his music video trilogy; although the video leaves watchers curiously intrigued by the rapper’s past, it couldn’t have concluded his story any better. C.Rowe has always had a unique way of establishing connection with his listeners, however, “Same Mistakes” is by far the most profound and personal presentation yet, deserving of immense recognition.

The songs featured in this trilogy include “Long Nights”, “When I’m Up” and now, “Same Mistakes”. All 3 pieces incorporated similar elements from sound to video details helping viewers connect the dots along the way. After analysing each video, there is one evident feature that is apparent as a constant – neon critters! Butterflies, birds and now cockroaches add an underlying ambience to each visual and contribute to themessages being delivered by the rapper. Interconnecting scenes are also used throughout the trilogy, at the end of “When I’m Up” C.Rowe’s rejoice is abruptly ceased as he approaches a warm-toned house with a black-eye, this scene heavily foreshadowed the next and final release.

“Same Mistakes” began where “When I’m Up” left off revealing it to be his mother at the door of the house he approached. The tones in this scene as well as his mother’s facial expressionportray that C.Rowe is home, and with reason. Majority of this video is shot in an unfinished basement with nothing but a table and a bouquet between the rapper and his mother, this is where it becomes clear the song was intentionally written for her. Alternating between sitting together and alone on the floor, the rapper remains shirtless with a black eye indicating vulnerability throughout these scenes. It is clear that C.Rowe intended to portray a concealed part of his life to his listeners and he has done so in a very respectable way.

“I think she deserves a lot more than the song; it’s the least I can do, its something I’ve wanted to say for a while. I wanted to tell a story while letting her know I’m sorry”.

C.Rowe explained that over the course of 6 years he was dealing with 4 federal cases which put his family through countlessstrenuous days. Although the young artist acquired these obstacles on his own, he stated that his family’s aid played a significant role in his ability to learn, overcome and grow from any impediments. “Same Mistakes” is a shallow dive into C.Rowe’s past but definitely has listeners eager to discover the scars that make Mississauga’s favourite rapper who he is today.

The song will be officially available to the public on July 3rdwhen C.Rowe releases Activated the mixtape. This body of work will contain many more profound songs shared with very impressive features such as Roney, Young Stitch, Camm Hunter and more.


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