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KunD! Drops The Pvrple Tapes

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The Pvrple Tapes is all about a dark cycle that many of us get lost in throughout life. It paints a vivid picture of every up, down, defeat and victory we face along the road to major success. This short film aims to bring back the high-speed experience of the EP to life in a way that viewers and listeners can deeply relate to.

It shows exactly the raw experience we all go through in life when things get really tough. It’s told in a bold and empowering way that allows listeners of all musical persuasions to get the most out of their favourite songs through versatile vocals and powerful alternative production. Creating a soothing atmosphere of soulful ambience, the Georgia-based singer-songwriter blends a breath-taking fusion of R&B esque melodies to lush layered harmonies and a moving vocal delivery.

His most recent EP was an outlet for him to express his relationship with his inner demons. This meant that he was able to finally find peace with all of the inner traumas that he had kept inside for so long. The entire process taught him how he was finally able to live with them and stop repeating the dangerous cycles that had kept him from overcoming the struggle for so long. It’s all about how your inner demons and how you can never run away from them no matter how hard you try. Influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson, Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt.

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