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Eduard Luli Gives Fans a Glimpse of Love & Fear with New EP

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Eduard Luli’s family originally migrated from Albania to Australia in the 90s. Before making rap his signature style, Luli was close to becoming a YouTuber as a little kid. Although the influence of big LA YouTubers was strong, the artist eventually found himself following his one true passion, music.

His latest EP drop, Love & Fear, takes fans on an emotional roller coaster. The album dives deep into intense feelings and raw passions. If there is one thing that we are sure that Eduard does well, that is being vulnerable through the profound lyrics, as was visible through his track “Numb.” The sultry track created a much-deserved buzz as an all-time favorite urban anthem. The track’s music video flawlessly matched his energy and powerful emotion to deliver an unparalleled hit.

Singing and rapping about relatable topics, the artist truly transports listeners through an unrequited journey. The album boasts tracks with poetic lyrics that perfectly touch upon our senses. His aesthetically raw talent has us begging for more from the talented artist. The EP kicks off with the tracks “High,” “Wishes,” “You Should’ve Knew What This Is,” three solo songs by the proficient lyrical genius, followed by two collab joints with ZPluto and Atkin$.

The South Australian rapper may be young, but his tracks are creating a great stir in the industry. Influenced by renowned artists like Polo G and The Kid Laroi, a fellow Australian, Eduard Luli delivers a memorable first EP to his fans. The collection exhibits his prowess as an artist and a remarkable rapper, with an ever-so skillful touch of tackling relatable topics.

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