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Buffalo Artist & CEO of Enlightment ENT. DOM P Debuts New Album: Pain Struggle Greed Prod. By DJ Shay featuring Jadakiss, Benny the Butcher, Rick Hyde and More!

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MEET DOM P!  The Multi- Talented Hip Hop Artist and CEO of ENLIGHTMENT Entertainment from Buffalo NY that debuted his highly anticipated album entitled PAIN STRUGGLE GREED on May 6, 2021. The 8 track album which was produced by DJ SHAY and executively produced by Black Soprano Family’s -Rick Hyde has fans and critics in the industry buzzing since its release!


Dom P first made headlines last April after the World Premiere of his single DIAMOND IN THE SKY along with the music video that went viral. His latest project, the album entitled PAIN STRUGGLE AND GREED has been met with outstanding reviews by fans and critics alike while fans are saying this is quite possibly his best project to date. The album has features with Hip Hop Pioneers like Jadakiss, Benny The Butcher, Rick Hyde, Heem , Twin2xs and Love- ILY. Dom P first announced the upcoming album last fall and the industry has been patiently waiting to see what he had up his sleeve while working on the project. PEEP THE TRACKLIST BELOW!



01. Dom. P – Sky’s The Limit (feat. Jadakiss).mp3
02. Dom. P – Move In (feat. Heem).mp3
03. Dom. P – From The Heart.mp3
04. Dom. P – Joy N’ Pain (feat. Love-ily).mp3
05. Dom. P – Did It All (feat. Rick Hyde).mp3
06. Dom. P – Mindset.mp3
07. Dom. P – Sell A Oz (feat. Twin2xs & Benny The Butcher).mp3
08. Dom. P – Greed.mp3

Dom P, who unpredictable in his creative style, gives us 8 tracks of straight FIRE. One thing THE Buffalo born artist is well known for is wearing his heart on his sleeve lyrically. On PAIN STRUGGLE GREED, the wildcard artist keeps to his old school hip hop and R&B roots that he grew up to as a 90’s kid during one of the best era’s of hip hop. PAIN STRUGGLE GREED by Dom P is a perfect collab of old school music fused into the new age era.  Dom P has already released track #1 Sky’s The Limit featuring Jadakiss with fan feedback calling that one a favorite. Dom P says: “Shay had passed away and I was down and out. Mourning and grieving the loss of my friend and business partner. I got a DM from Jada. Shay told Jada that he was working on an album with him before he died. So Jada sent it back shouting out Shay.” Dom feels that Shay had put that together in some way shape or form after his passing.  STREAM THE SONG BELOW!


It’s no surprise that Dom P gives us an R&B vibe track on his latest project- entitled JOY N PAIN feat. Love-ily (track #4) which he tells me goes back to the type of music he was raised on and has really shaped who his is as an artist- That 90s R&B. Dom P’s lyrics always tell a story. The R&B influenced song is the wildcard of the album. Dom. P says “Joy N’ Pain (feat. Love-ily) is the most revealing / emotional song on the album. It sorta show’s my soul and yeah- Based on a true story.” STREAM THE SONG BELOW!


Dom P started creating PAIN STRUGGLE GREED last July and originally the album was produced by late Buffalo Legend – DJ SHAY before he passed away. Dom P and DJ SHAY have a long standing history together, both professionally and personally. Dom has been on tour and performed with Benny the Butcher and BSF, with Shay being the headlining DJ every single show. Dom P’s father and DJ Shay also grew up together in Buffalo New York and had a 40 year friendship.  Dom P tells me him and Shay started working together last July 11th, one month before DJ Shay’s passing.  Dom P tells me DJ Shay not only produced PAIN STRUGGLE GREED he became more like family to him, even mentoring him throughout the project.

Dom P tells me “I know DJ Shay from Business and an artist before things started to move in my career. He had a studio in Buffalo New York which is where I am from and I knew I wanted to work with him on this album from the very start. My father and Shay had a 40 plus year friendship. Shay really believed in me and in this project. Shay is the type of person that if he believes in you, he will work with you and push you to be your very best. He was a mentor, someone who put me under his wing and looked out for me on a personal level too. He was far more than a friend and business associate. He became family and so his death was something I took really hard. After we mourned- my family and I, and the city mourned his loss, I reached out to Rick Hyde and be finished producing the album for me. That’s what Shay would have wanted and Rick Hyde did an amazing job picking up where he left off.”

In the end, the whole album PAIN STRUGGLE GREED is ultimately dedicated to DJ Shay. Dom P also says he is thankful for having had the opportunity to have DJ Shay produce the album and one thing he will never forget is “The TOP SECRET BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS DJ SHAY TAUGHT ME.”


Dom P adds: “Rick Hyde took the project over after Shay passed away. Deep In my heart I knew Shay wanted this project to be perfect and for me to move forward and finish it. We all grieved the loss. The whole city, the state, the country, friends, family, fans.  All of us mourned. A few weeks after his passing I contacted Rick Hyde and to my surprise he was already familiar with the project because Shay had told him about it. That was a big moment for me. Shay believed in me and this project.

Ricky knew exactly what direction the project was to go in because of his relationship with Shay. In the end- Rick Hyde Executively produced the album and picked up where Shay left off.

 “The whole album is ultimately dedicated him.”


Dom P says: “The making of this whole album is really…… beautiful.  Shay gave me something special before he passed away. I was taking trips to Atlanta to see and work with him. My favorite songs are DID IT ALL and JOY AND PAIN.”

“Shay picked out the beat for DID IT ALL. ACTUALLY, that beat was a beat he made for Drake and Benny. Drake sent the beat back to shay from while him and I were sitting together in the studio. Then Shay offered me the beat. So I took it and ran with it.”Stream the song below.

Dom. P already dropped Sky’s The Limit (feat. Jadakiss) and says the next song he will release off the album is Track number 03 From The Heart expected at the end of June.  Follow Dom P on Instagram to catch the official announcement and release! Stream the Song Below!

I asked Dom P about the album name and the Cover Art of PAIN STRUGGLE GREED. He says: “The album name, I’m speaking for everyone. We all struggle, we all have pain and we all have to battle Greed.”  “Tina Harris, another CEO of Enlightment Ent. did the art work for the cover and friend, Mike Study helped with creative concept. It’s a play off the Last Supper. If you look , he has people around him gossiping, there’s greed going on around him with the money and people. The  Subliminal shackles on his legs- all of those things hold you back and keeping you struggling. The champagne bottle represents when people want to celebrate the highs because not many people are there for the lows. A plate of money and a plate of gold . All the people around the table are whispering and gossiping because they want what we has. Pain is fire, struggle is darkness.  Greed is the envy, the money.  If you look in the bottom left corner youll even see my signature. “

Dom P does it again after the debut of his latest Project PAIN STRUGGLE GREED. He has already premiered SKYS THE LIMIT Featuring Jadakiss, and is gearing up to debut Track number 03 From The Heart. We need to stay tuned to see which songs will world premiere next. We can also expect to hear tracks off the album playing on Hip Hops Best radio stations in the Tristate as the Buffalo Indi Artist is already well respected within the NYC Radio DJ scene And has been a reoccurring artist on The Plugs I met Benny the Butcher Tour. Article Written By Kim Coco

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