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Meet Hannah Brooke, A Growing Music Artist

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Hannah Brooke is a growing music artist. She is also a model as well as a dancer. This musician started her career firmly by singing on reality TV shows such as X-Factor and became an American Idol. She began her career when she started working on her first single, ‘Pull Up,’ which is releasing this month.

Scaling The Heights Of Music

Notably, Hannah started building the foundation of her musical career when she was young. She was 14 years old when she began singing on reality TV shows.

Hannah’s first single,’ Pull Up,’ which is coming soon, has given her a bridge to cross over to greater heights in music. However easy the journey seems, this musician has cracked bones to reach where she is currently in her music career.

Here are some of the leading aspects that have guided this champion to continue crushing it in music.

  1. Passion

Throughout Hannah’s musical journey, passion has been the key thing boosting her to do better. Her love for music is depicted from a young age where she could perform on shows. Moreover, this musician loves listening to music, and by doing so, she easily creates a piece that follows the genres that she listens to mostly. Amazingly, she has favorite music artists.

  1. Inspiration

Hannah gets inspiration from her favorite artists SZA, Summer Walker, and Polo G. These artists enlighten her with their skills. Besides, they give this musician a flicker of hope and a zeal to work harder because they display desirable achieved goals. Therefore, inspiration has been sailing her higher and higher in the music industry.

  1. Confidence

Confidence is a secret any musician needs to embrace to crush it in the music industry. Hannah has displayed a sense of confidence since her teenage life. Despite the big audience found in television shows, she was able to perform successfully. Again it calls for confidence to release any hit freely. This musician is highly confident that she is about to release her first single, ‘Pull Up,’ which will be available on Spotify and Apple Music as soon as possible. This hit will shake her competitors.

  1. Innovativeness

One must be creative to pull up in the music industry. Innovativeness is a primary need if you want to stay ahead of the competition. Hannah was innovative such that she could only listen to music and compose hers that followed the corresponding genre. Besides, it is unbelievable that she could tactically apply her talents to express her stories and emotions through music.

  1. Boldness

Being bold is having a strong and/or clear appearance.  Hannah has always been spirited throughout her musical journey. She boldly expresses her stories and emotions through music. This musician’s boldness has played a central role in helping her to achieve her goals successfully.


Hannah Brooke is a public figure who has exemplarily depicted the path to success. According to her, passion, inspiration, confidence, innovativeness, and boldness are the primary factors that lead to winning in her career.

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