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Shawty Dred AKA Mercedes Reshard New Is A Creative Paving His Own Way As He Sits Down With ThisIs50 (Interview)

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Shawty Dred is a creative in his own lane. A man with a hustle and on a mission, Shawty Dred AKA Mercedes Reshard New (#TheSkitGod) hails from Atlanta, Georgia and is creating an empire. From music, to skits, content and much more, Shawty Dred is a multi talented individual who exemplifies a modern age entrepreneur. Born September 26, 1987, the young entrepreneur is not new to the scene, once being side to side with Atlanta legend Shawty Lo, Shawty Dred has made a name for himself and continues to break down new barriers. With success coming to the man in multiple facets, Shawty Dred has set the trend for many content creators to come and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. With that said, we took the time to sit down with the busy mogul as he answers a few of our questions below.
Where did the name Shawty Dred come from?
It came from back in the day when I was selling crack cocaine. On old national and I served a junkie and he let another junkie hit it and the junkie that hit it said  to the other Junkie who did you get that from and that’s when he said Shawty and the other junkie said Shawty who and he pointed at me and said Shawty with the Dreds and I heard him say it so when they starting buying crack from me I told them my name was Shawty Dred. So that’s How I  came up with the name Shawty Dred. And that was in 2006.
Where are you from? 
Old National (Old Nat)
What was your relation to Shawty Lo? (RIP)
Me and Carlos as I call him was very close because we had a close bond and that bond started from drug dealing. When I met him he became  my Re-Up man. Lo had everything I needed for a very good price so good I was doubling my money. We also had a bond with music. We made many songs together in the studio at his house. You can say he was like a father figure to me better yet more like a really really cool Uncle lol. The one thing I loved about him is no matter how much money you had in your pocket (and I’m speaking about his relationships with everyone) he treated you like a human being and showed you respect. He was cool and down to earth that’s why he was Lo. But he saw the hustle in me, and because of that he always kept me with him even though a lot of people had a lot of bad things to say about me he still kept it real with me. But he knew I was on bullshit in the streets and he always mentored me to be better and he Was always there every time I needed him and he will forever be the Greatest friend, Greatest mentor, The greatest family member at heart, but at most the greatest person I’ve ever met. And that’s why I got Shawty Lo tatted on me because he meant that much to me. The wisdom he gave me completely changed my mind which changed me to be wealthy today so I owe that to him so because of him I am who I am today because of the things he taught me.
You do a whole lot, in a few words or a sentence, how would you explain all that you do?
I am an actor – I do Instagram Skits for a living and I get paid for it.
Musician – I am a rap artist and I have music on every platform
Business owner – I’m in the process of opening two restaurants in Atlanta right now.
Tycoon- I have the new 2020 orange Corvette, I have a BMW i8 that’s Matt black that looks just like the Batmobile. And a few more cars
“I’m From Old Nat” has grown over 115k+ streams on Spotify, what was it about that record in your eyes that has it rising like it is?
I believe it was my energy on the song and the diversity of how I’m able to switch up my voice.
What was the creative process behind the project “I’m From Old Nat”?
Honestly I just went into the booth and created a song like I always do. But this one just hit.
Make sure to follow the artist on social media @Richlifeshawtydred

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