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PVO Chilly Plans To Incorporate R&B In The Coming Releases

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PVO Chilly, a 25-year-old rap artist who has been making her music known for the quality she delivers to the fans. She started by writing poems then later discovered that rap was her real thing. Her first song, called ‘Fit In,’ created the foundation of her ever-multiplying fan base. She has released several solo tape episodes aligned to her age, her second being ‘Episode 23’, which dropped on her birthday back in 2019.

On Stage

PVO Chilly is a superb performer on stage, but she doesn’t have a set routine before getting to a performance. ‘Sometimes I zone out, sometimes I put in some headphones and practice, or do breathing exercises,’ she says. This is because she is familiar with turning on her alter ego, for she used to act when she was younger.

In Conclusion

PVO is a big fan of R n B and is planning on incorporating more of it in her coming releases. Her will to grow and develop is impeccable, and you ought to check and follow her on social media pages to meet the ideal future rap star. 

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