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Matt Kolesar Knocks It Out Of The Park With New Single “Bikini Bottoms Up”

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Coming out of Westchester, New York, Matt Kolesar is putting his touch on the Northeastern US hip hop scene. This up-and-coming artist is relentlessly making moves to better his career and is beginning to reap the benefits. Pulling in over 15,000 streams on his first release of the year, he recently dropped his newest single, “Bikini Bottoms Up,” and is looking to see even better results.


Bikini Bottoms Up” checks all the boxes of creating a great song. With high replayability and a vibe that puts anyone in a good mood, it’s nearly impossible not to like. Perfect for the late summer nights, look for this to be a bop this season.


Continuing to expand as an artist, Matt Kolesar is onto something with “Bikini Bottoms Up.” Look for him to build off of this momentum and take his career to new heights. At this rate, he’ll be at the top in no time.

Stream Matt Kolesar’s “Bikini Bottoms Up” on Spotify here.

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