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Louis Stylez takes a stand for African Americans with heartfelt new single, “Land of The Free”

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The world has been burning in the flames of racism, but through the fire, Louis Stylez remains unscathed and is exposing the truth with his new single “Land of The Free.”


Adrian Foster aka Louis Stylez has become a well-known artist in the music scene. The Kansas City, Missouri native has had an unprecedented run thus far on his quest to rival the Mount Rushmore of hip hop. After being inspired by Jay-Z to become a lyricist, he found inspiration in lyrical heavyweights like Royce da 5’9, Ransom, Crooked I, Che Noir, Benny the Butcher, Conway, and Cyhi Hi the Prynce that continued to push his craft.


Louis Stylez would form a rap collective before taking the solo route, finding his voice as a rapper who embodies the core of hip hop as a dope lyricist. Now, with 9 music videos on YouTube surpassing 800k streams, his brand has extended even into Africa and the UK. As with his international reach, his connections in the music industry have also networked into artist circles with his increased popularity. As 2021 draws on, Louis has been watching the chaos that has been America. This led to all his pent-up feelings inside being let out on his newly released single “Land of The Free.” The track is a direct response to the racism, oppression, and pandemic situation that has been used to control and persecute African Americans. Louis Stylez voice is clear, one that advocates for freedom, not the facade that continues to destroy the generation of people of color just trying to live equally alongside their peers. The emotion, passion, and frustration can be heard in every witty and potent bar spit by the Kansas City rhymer. Louis pulls the veil from every plight, every injustice that is faced by African Americans in America, to open the eyes of the world to what they have endured. Racism, disparity, economic and social inequality, systematic strife, all was present in the sincere single as Louis bled his very heart out on the beat.


Follow the fast-rising lyricist and support his new single “Land of The Free” so the world can hear music that has a purpose and can bring change.


“Land of The Free” single:




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