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Top 12 Artists You Should Check On This Summer

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Music is an art. Some do it as a hobby and others as a career and others as both career, hobby and talent. Without inclining ourselves on the ‘why’ we all agree that some people produce better music that suits their fans. In our quest to search for them, we came up with a list of 12 musicians doing wonders. 

Du$e Benastar

Du$e Benastar has been making waves in the music scene, considering that he ventured into the industry three years back, and his projects have reached over a million streams within just a month. He is based in Brooklyn and is just 24 years old. His recently released ‘Trench Talk’ has been the streets’ talk, and Du$e is not yet ready for chills as he has been busy working on his next project, ‘Benastar 3’, which is undoubtedly going to take over the industry. He got into the industry to bring awareness to people as well as to the culture on a mass scale. He also focuses on developing his own weed company, ‘SteamTeam Exotics’, and launching his PR and marketing agency. On top of that, he is still managing his cloth line company called Benastar Clothing. Stay tuned with him on his social media pages for more details about his future endeavours.


MozegoTheJuice is a 25-year-old artist from Midtown, Manhattan, who is ready to take over the industry’s scenes. He draws inspiration from his family and sooks and holds the likes of Biggie, Tupac, Jay Z, Lil Durk, and Lil Baby in high regards. His journey in the music industry started when he started to rap in 2012 when his brothers got locked up, and since then, his future seems to be auspicious. He is currently working on his album, ‘Targeted’, which he speculates to be his biggest project.

Kay Diinero

Kay Diinero started making music at 14 years old, for it was a way of talking about his pain to the people as music tends to grab the attention with ease hence dealing with his hard problems quite easily. The 30 years old artist –born and raised in Neptune City, New Jersey- draws inspiration from the likes of JUICE WRLD, DMX and 2PAC. Reaching Celebrity Ears with his hit single Recc Gvng Insane was an achievement for him as he gained more attention and motivated him to push even harder, perfect his music career, and get his brand to another level. He urges his fans to stay tuned with him and promises to continue grinding hard as he releases quality tunes.

Untamed AK

Untamed AK, alias MrChoppersound is the founder of Untamed Be The Name, co-founder of Drop TopMusic, and a Talkmoney Gang affiliate. The young artist has been blooming, for he never believes in giving up and has a great passion for his craft and ability to create genuine content. His main objective is to impact his art, give back to the community, and help solve the bad situations that we face in today’s world.

Stefan Daniel Bell

Stefan Daniel is 51 years old but claims he is just getting started, for he sees himself doing more and better in the future. He is an artist who ventures in many fields from filming, TV, games and apps development, singing/songwriting, and music production. Stefan has great experience in music as he started creating music at four years and later became a professional at 21 years. His greatest achievement dates back to 1991-92 when he helped produce a song that was on Morning Becomes Electric with Chris Douridas. He was also involved in the release of MySpace, of Gil Scott-Heron’s last album. Currently, Stefan is working on getting beats ready to release to the fans and submitting them to major studios and labels. He has also hinted at collaborating with an epic musician he is not willing to disclose.

Molly Dawg

Molly Dawg started making music in 2012 when he attended a rave where his friend was performing, inspiring him. Since then, he spent a lot of time learning and perfecting his production craft, and recently he has taken up another challenge of becoming a recording artist. Among his biggest achievements is that he was booked for a tour playing SXSW, Coachella, and Rolling loud, but unfortunately, he could not due to the pandemic. This, though, did not make him lose any focus as he now intends to have greater performances, more collaborations, and taking his music to another level as a producer, engineer, DJ, and musician, as he continues to work in his studio, ‘Drop Top Music Studios.’


Sbz is a 30-year-old artist from Pittsburgh, pa, who has been making music for a year and a half. He also owns a publishing company ‘BSG Entertainment,’ and is also the co-CEO of Trynagetitent LLC. His biggest inspiration is his kids, as he says he ventured to the industry to make an impact, feed his family, and for the love of music. He would like to follow the strides of people like Jadakiss, Jay Z, and Biggie. He is also planning on having his first album released soon and hopefully get his music signed to a distribution deal.

Sk The god

At only 15 years, SK the god (from Santiago Chile) had won the battle of the bands and had a record deal. His biggest inspiration is from Robert Smith, Tiesto and Yngwie. He ventured into the music industry for it was an easier way to spread a positive message that can help the community, and he has been successful in doing so for over 20 years. He is currently working on five tapes, and two albums, which he is certain will elevate his career to an even higher level.

Eric Heartnet

Drawing inspiration from his family and friends, Eric Heartnet had already become a personal training sales director at just 18 years. He also finished his four-year marines contract honourably and then decided to embark on the music industry, for it was something he had a passion for since he was a child. He has been creating music for four years now and has recently hinted about the projects he intends to release soon.

M.I.C Murphy

Mike Murphy popularly known as M.I.C Murphy  is an artist currently based in Brampton, Canada, but is planning to relocate to Montreal, QC, Canada. He started writing songs and practicing how to put beats together with his keyboard aged 16 years, but he lost his musical side as he got older. Recently, he has been brought back to where he left after he aggravated a previous injury on his left thumb. He has now decided to put all his effort, and he anticipates pushing his label to uncharted territories. He is inspired by DMX, who passed away recently, for his energy and devotion to God. He even made an effort to go to the famous Hard Knock Tour at ACC, where he got to see him perform live. M.I.C Murphy is urging his fans to stay tuned with him on all his social media pages, as he is planning on releasing a single in the coming weekend, which he hints the tune to be with a darker sound and a slow tempo, and will be describing a scene of a crime. He will also be releasing an album on June 18, called ‘Dead Man’s Hand,’ in which he recorded, mixed, and mastered all songs. The album, whose art was created by Mr. E, tries to put every part of Mike’s soul in every piece, and it will also feature various artists.

Kai Huncho

Kai Huncho is a 24-year-old artist from Panama. Having started to create music for four years, he has achieved accomplishments that artists at his age can only dream of, one of them being a performance at SXSW. He is inspired by people like Autumn, Summrs, Duwapkaine, Nav, Skippa, Da Flippa, and Trippie Redd. He is currently working on a release, ‘World Of Flames,’ that he anticipates to get him an even more extensive fan base, and that will only be the beginning of him stepping up to get to the rank of the likes of Asap Rocky, and Biggie. His main objective in the music industry is to create a range of hits that will change today’s music and bring more fun for extra fun. check on his social media handles @kaihuncho for more details about his tunes and plans. 

Andrew Lee (Endryu)

Andrew Lee is a 26-year-old artist who was born in Connecticut but moved to Maine at age 6, living in between Connecticut and Maine throughout his life. He started writing poetry as a child, which was an outlet for his anger issues, abuse from his parents, and the school system. His high school friends were all in the metal scene. He would travel with them, and that’s where he learnt to use his vocals. He tried to get the bands together under ‘Death By Deception,’ but it was not easy, making him move to Rap. He has faced many challenges from having issues with government and local officials because of his music, all his equipment getting robbed, and trying to get killed in his street phase. Afterwards, he got off the streets and started to earn, repurchasing his recording gear, and now he is making music more than ever. Andrew Lee’s inspiration is Tech N9ne, who owns one of the best independent labels in the US, for the way he articulates and flows. At first, Endryu would release 5-10 tracks a month, but after he was de-platformed and had issues with the law because of some controversial music and some shit he was involved in, he decided to stay low, now producing a track once a month. He plans on further elevating his music by putting out more singles, connecting with other artists, fans, and labels. He also wants to do shows by 2022 when he has got a more extensive fan base.

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