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Everything You Need to Know About DJ and Music Producer GRY

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Ali Grey, known professionally as GRY, is a versatile music producer and DJ. He is highly talented in mixing music and has unique skills with drums, bass, and old-school dubstep. GRY has excellent mastery of music mixing that resonates well with real music instruments as he progressively influences the mood of a crowd to make them move and groove to his beats.

His Turkish origins have greatly influenced his choice of music. He spent most of his childhood in Turkey, occupied with drums, piano, and violin. Ali fell in love with music after he ventured into organizing parties in London. He immediately got drawn to the magical effect it had on crowds of people from diverse origins. He got inspired to start his DJ career after witnessing other DJs perform at parties. GRY has since visited over 40 countries as a musician and digital nomad.

The rave scene in London played a significant part in influencing his style of music. Growing up, Ali would listen to a lot of garage music, UK House, jungle, and old-school dubstep. Being a versatile artist, GRY is always open-minded when it comes to genres and it is evident in his music.

GRY recently joined the Dharma label and he is exciting EDM fans with his single debut track, “Now or Never”. The single features Thomas Gold and Nevve. He says that the track is about going on a thrilling spontaneous trip and making the most of the moment. The project was an experiment with the future house, a fusion of deep house and garage, and he gave it a twist with his exotic flute and slap house sounds. Since its release on 23rd April 2021, the single has received a lot of positive feedback and hit almost a million streams. To Ali, the warm welcome from fans is enough motivation to keep him going. “Now or Never” is the perfect summer jam that will speak to you and perhaps tune you into the summer mood.

Working with KSHMR has been helpful to GRY’s young career, especially on the release of the debut single “Now or Never”. He credits the label for being among the few labels that genuinely care about developing new artists. He is looking forward to working again with the crew and possibly collaborating with KSHMR. GRY is currently working on a follow-up release to his debut and wants to keep the positive momentum going.

Ali Grey is a self-motivated individual and loves attempting to do too much by himself. Though this sometimes seems like a weakness, he considers it one of his greatest strengths. Focus is critical to him and he is constantly working to be a better version of himself every day.

GRY insists that focus and persistence are the most important things for any artist. There are a lot of things happening in the music industry and to be successful, you have to be focused and persistent all the time.

You can know more about GRY’s upcoming projects on his website. You can also follow his musical journey on Instagramand Facebook.

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