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Triggering Emotions through Soulful Music

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Music is an effective global medium of communication. It is a constructive way to express feelings and emotions. Throughout history, music has influenced people all over the world. The lyrics convey the depth of an artist’s emotions. A successful artist is someone who understands the connection between a human’s brain and music. This understanding helps artists convey their thoughts in a constructive manner, making a track relatable and impactful. Shedding light upon how important it is to touch a listener’s soul, only a few artists have successfully managed to do it so well.

Globally, the listeners want a soul-baring artist as they love to connect with songs personally. An influential artist develops an unsaid connection with the listener through their songs. Ruhmoan is one such living example. Determined towards his work, Ruhmoan is an emerging artist who is known for his unique songs. His lyrics depict the depth of the message he conveys through his melodies.

Born on December 5th, 1992, in Kingston in Jamaica, Ruhmoan grew up as a passionate soul. At the age of 2, he moved to New York along with his family. His enthusiasm for music has been passed down unto him from his parents. Ruhmoan’s parents are into the music business in their respective ways. While the family resided in Jamaica, his father owned a ‘sound.’ A ‘sound’ basically refers to the equipment used in the ‘sound clash’ culture. The ‘sound clash’ culture was a reputable musical competition in the earlier days. People would bring in their equipment and compete with each other to enlist themselves as an important part of the Jamaican culture. Ruhmoan’s father, too, was an integral contributor. After moving from Jamaica, his father established a concert business in New York. He is now the CEO of ‘Groovin in the Park,’ hosted in New York itself. The business has hosted artists from Damian Marley to Michael Bolton.

On the other hand, Ruhmoan’s mother grew up as a singer and was part of her church choir. As a child to parents from a musical background, it is not unlikely to state that Ruhmoan’s passion for music knows no bounds. He observed and grew up to be a sensitive being with high moral values. His moral values helped him grow up into a caring person. Today, Ruhmoan aims to create soulful music, addressing diverse topics that will help people connect with the lyrics. He believes that people can and must help each other in different ways. There cannot be any restrictions of a platform or medium if intentions are pure. Following this mindset, Ruhmoan figured out that music was the only medium allowing him to trigger people’s souls. The versatile artist addresses every community today, be it from any part of the world. Through his music, Ruhmoan makes sure that he helps people overcome their emotional challenges.

Helping People Overcome Emotional Challenges

Ruhmoan focuses on the emotional challenges people face in life. Where the world is progressing at a much faster pace, several transformations are taking place. People lose faith in humanity quite often. Ruhmoan wants people to restore the lost faith by listening to his music. He produces and writes songs that are dwelled in creativity. He aims not only to address problems, emotions and feelings; instead, Ruhmoan wants his songs to leave a long-lasting impression on a person’s mind. A mind with such an imprint will step up, bringing a change in one’s life or help someone with theirs.

Today Ruhmoan is recognized for targeting relevant and sensitive issues of society. He is not an artist who craves fame. To him, gaining fame is about developing a fruitful relationship with the audience—an audience who wants to listen to his music repeatedly. Currently, Ruhmoan possesses a composition of seven songs, and 13 songs are under the record label “Never Ending Progress.”

Some of Ruhmoan’s accomplishments incorporate working together with famous personalities in the music business. He has worked with Ayo N Keyz, Casanova, Kodie Shane, and Davido.

Ruhmoan accepts his music and innovativeness should be accessible to everybody, regardless of their age group, origin, and societal position. This makes Ruhmoan’s music different, which acquired him the acknowledgment he genuinely merits. His music ventures worldwide and regularly adhere to his audience members’ hearts due to how real it is.

The Struggle as an Artist

A thoughtful artist understands the kind of music an ordinary being wishes to listen. Ruhmoan, being one such artist, believes in creating music that reflects reality. He aims to convey messages of love, faith, optimism, and hope. His songs also reflect his struggle of entering the music business. As every individual, it was not easy for Ruhmoan to achieve his goals without struggle. He found it challenging to enter the music industry. Ruhmoan unlocked this challenge by making connections. This required patience and time. It is a person’s patience that allows them to stay consistent with their dreams and goals. Ruhmoan’s aim was to stay consistent and be hopeful. Bit by bit, Ruhmoan emerged out to be successful in strengthening his network.

After gaining popularity, Ruhmoan started working on his songwriting skills. He improved these skills over time so that his music touches people’s souls. Initially, he penned down lyrics and then polished them to help form the rhythm. Ruhmoan was keen on producing music that connected to the soul and reached directly to the heart. He grew professional to see his music loved by music enthusiasts from all across the globe.

Maintaining His Name in the Music Business

In a world brimming with a continuous evolution in publicity, Ruhmoan wants to see his music have a remarkable and enduring effect that individuals will remember him for, which is why he is specific in picking his words while songwriting. He does not want to pen down lyrics that sound void. Besides making great music, Ruhmoan intends to leave a decent impression on his audience. He additionally desires to be heard globally.

With the focused objectives and an ability to create opportunities, Ruhmoan has made it this far in his journey. He may have come across a couple of misfortunes, but he did not allow them to characterize him. He utilized them for lifting him high. The music industry is competitive. Maintaining a decent reputation in the music business is no less than a test, yet it is attainable. The emerging artist, Ruhmoan, will surely help acquire an esteemed position in the world of music.


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