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8 of Our Favorite Music Videos with Scenes in New York Bodegas

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In relation to 50 Cents song Corner Bodega, we have chosen Our Favorite Music Videos which use scenes in the ever so popular New York Corner Store Bodegas.

1.) A$AP Rocky – “Angels” – 2013

A$AP Rocky is known to have exceptional visuals to compliment his musical gift. The Angels Music Video is no different and features several action filled scenes inside a Bodega.

2.) Dave East – Type of Time (Official Video) – 2016

Dave East’s song Type of Time from his Kairi Chanel album is simply a Harlem New York Classic. So, it only makes sense to feature scenes inside New York Bodegas which play such a large role in life in New York.

3.) Sheff G – Mistakes (Official Video Release) – 2020

Different than many songs that made this list, Sheff G’s Single Mistakes is a vibey and more melodic song. A young man is shown entering a deli and pocketing some snacks; A representation to get through hardship and keep doing what you need to reach your goals, but sometimes life is not fair.

Directed by Nimi Hendrix, Azae Productions, Jeremy “Jerm” Soto Additional footage provided by @aylo_edit

4.) HBK TYRANNY – School Bus (Official Music Video) – 2021

HBK Tyranny’s School bus video was chosen for its emphasis on deli scenes, its metaphorical relation to hustling snacks and selling drugs, its accurate display of life in New York, and its excellent effects & transitions shot by Derek Dream Films & Directed by @BryanTaylorJohnson

5.) FAME KOBAINE – Pandemic – 2020

While everything was closed during the coronavirus pandemic, Bodegas were open. While everyone was indoors losing bread, the hood was still active and getting their funds up. Fame Kobaine Pandemic Single is a tuff visual representation of this. Shot By @GoddyWoddy

6.) SLICK PUSHA – L.L.A.L. (Lxxk Like a Lixk) – 2019

All New York locals have their go-to corner stores & bodegas in which employees have become your friend. In a NO-SNITCH culture, corner bodegas often become a meeting place when carrying out a lick. Watch L.L.A.L !!!

Shot by: Uninvited Films.

7.) KLUTCH DA REBEL – Pink Lemonade – 2020

If you haven’t picked up a girl, ran into a long-lost love, or met someone special at a New York Bodega, then you probably haven’t been there long enough.  In a relatable video for all audiences, underground rapper Klutch Da Rebel’s Pink Lemonade video closes out with a deli scene that plays off just that.


A simplistic video fitting for a freestyle. Smooth camera movement and fish-eye effects make a fire video for an even more fire song.

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