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BEEZY301 Drops Hot New Single “What I’m Saying”

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Indian American Rapper BEEZY301 is looking to elevate his game and take his career to new heights. Keeping his listeners in tune with his hybrid sounds consisting of trap melodies and unprecedented flows, BEEZY301 is making some buzz around the industry. In pursuit to take his career up a notch, he recently released a new single titled “What I’m Saying,” and it is a must-listen.


What I’m Saying” offers a unique and versatile sound like one you’ve never heard before. BEEZY301 speaks on not letting a girl play him over and use his money to fuel their toxic tendencies. He knows his worth and what he brings to the table and would never fold that.


What I’m Saying” is BEEZY301’s latest release, and it is some of his best work to date. As it continues to run up the streams across platforms, look for BEEZY301’s name to start popping up a lot more. It is only the beginning for the young artist, and there is no doubt that he will go far.

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