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BadBoiHY Releases Debut EP “11:11”

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Fahoy Music’s frontline act, Humphrey Osagie Afobhokhan also known as BadboiHY releases his debut EP. The extended playlists consist of tracks which are a mixture of Hip-Hop, Trap and Afrobeats. The musician who hails from the ancient city of benin in Nigeria was able to birth a musical body of work which has an international appeal while maintaining his African roots with the second track “Jo jo jo”. His melodic sense is rooted in Afro modes but unconstrained by them, and he has a few producers who assisted in creating this beautiful masterpiece through some of the most innovative rhythm tracks.

On the creation of this musical masterpiece; The Afro-Trap musician expressed his belief in angel numbers, stating that his angel number “11:11”, is a number sequence in numerology. Because he believes one has to stay positive to manifest what they have prayed for because the subconscious brings prayers to reality.

In his words, “You can only sing of the things I sing about when you go through them; they just flow. It is something you have to be in tune with and so it is not fiction. I allow it to flow and that is how I make music, other times I reminisce on certain things that open the flow.”

With less than a few weeks on posting the EP download links to his online fans, he has gathered quite a good number of positive remarks from music pundits, dominated streaming platform charts and garnered massive streams and downloads, which is thrilling for BadboiHY as he believes his fans are more than family to him and appreciate the support so far while promising to involve his online fans so they can feel the impact and be a part of the project.

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