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This Is What Is Making John Jay Different In The Music Industry

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John Jay is becoming viral and phenomenal in the music industry. This musician grew up in Miami, where he studied at Michael Krop Senior High School and later graduated to Miami Dade College. Jay has been fond of music from a young age. Music was a calling, and whenever he listened to music, it freed him from worldly troubles. Indeed music was his medicine to mention.

John Jay is different from other musicians in the industry. Here are some of the factors that make this musician outstanding and unique; solid musical foundation, supportive family, collaboration with other artists, creating music, and helping others.

Solid Musical Foundation

A foundation determines the strength of the result. Jay started building his musical foundation when he was young. He grew up listening to Pop & R&B music genres. This musician was nine years old when he began playing piano and composing classical music. This solid foundation has been a pillar of strength guiding Jay in creating a difference in the music industry.

Supportive Family

Family support is very crucial for anyone trying to reach their goals in any field. John Jay has a loving family that supported him in pulling up in the music industry. The family encouraged this champion to pursue music as his career. His family realized the potential this musician possessed of succeeding in music. The family did not persuade him to go for further education when he decided to establish a career in the music world. Instead, they remained supportive and motivated him to scale to high heights in music.

Collaboration With Other Artists

Jay’s desire to collaborate with others inspired him to found Independent Hits. He established the platform to bring artists to him. The forum started working with several notable entities in the music world, and it dictated Jay’s dream come true. The collaboration enabled him to acquire more skills, and consequently, he improved his musical career.

Jay’s Methodology Of Making Music

John Jay uses a unique methodology in composing his music. This methodology has continually made him different in the music industry. This musician merges two genres, Pop & R&B, to create his music pieces. It may seem ironic because these are two distinct and opposite genres. Shocking enough, he composes sweet and fantastic music that a large audience gets to relate to easily.

Helping Others

John Jay is a generous musician who wishes to help others rise and achieve their desired goals. The desire to help others motivated him to let Independent Hits create stories for talented, underrated artists. The levels would boost their promotions and help them gain visibility and popularity. This musician also decided to promote music that was new and undiscovered by the audience. The corresponding artists would therefore get a chance to come in front and gain contact with the audience.

In conclusion, John Jay is different in the music industry with no fear of contradiction.He has made it through; having a solid musical foundation, supportive family, collaboration with other artists, his methodology of making music, and helping others. To keep up with John Jay follow him on Instagram.

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