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Fac Marlo Unveils “Butterflies” & Prepares to Release Music Video

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The best songs are the ones with a storyline that allow the audience to witness a vividly painted picture before their eyes as they listen. The perfect track includes captivating production, clear and concise lyrics, and unmatched delivery. Fac Marlo, an up and coming music artist has released, “Butterflies”, which consists of these key components making his song a fan favorite.

Initially, the track started out as a freestyle. But while recording in Nexus Sound Studios in Youngstown, OH, Fac Marlo stated, “I freestyled the hook and it just flowed naturally from there.” This is a perfect example of the creation of an artist blossoming into a masterpiece. “Butterflies”, produced by Cor Mill, has a unique story line that has mesmerized Fac’s fans. “The idea of Butterflies is like a tale of 2 individuals, one is a rapper and one is a fan. They make eye contact and end up seeing a future together cuz she’s convinced he’s something special”, Fac explained.

With “Butterflies” reaching higher numbers daily, Fac’s supporters are now anticipating the music video. Fac Marlo stated, ““Everybody is asking for the video. I’m watching the numbers closely. I wanna make sure we release it when it’s really gonna impact shit. “I just filmed the Butterflies video with my guy Pablo the director in Atlanta. This guy is like the hottest videographer out right now. He’s a beast. The storyline is crazy and the video is completely cinematic. Can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

Fac Marlo has made it clear that he is strategic when it comes to his artistry. He is a prime blueprint for other artists to utilize when planning to release music. “Butterflies” will surely leave you yearning for more music from the gifted artist.

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