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West Coast Rapper, Camille “Thug Misses” Carlos, Inspires Women With Her Grind And New Song “99 U Ain’t 1”

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The presence of female artists in the mainstream media is palpable. Featured on thousands of playlists and listened to by millions, rappers like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Megan The Stallion are paving the way for others like them. The music industry is rough. These women, who come from all walks of life, worked to make it in a world that kept them at bay for so long. Their success is an indication that nothing is impossible.


Music is a form of communication that allows people to connect with one another. To have more diversity and representation is a game changer that can’t go overlooked.


Veteran Bay Area Rapper, Camille “Thug Misses” is a black and latina rap artist with 20 years of experience. With a bachelor’s degree in Sound Arts, she writes, records, and mixes her own work. She stays true to her west coast roots and isn’t afraid of being herself. Her purpose, as she paves her way through the top, is to remind girls and women out there that nothing is impossible. To believe, is to be.


As a single mom to one daughter, her determination keeps her going. Raising a child is not a small task. Taking care of one while making it work as a female artist in a male dominated industry seems almost impossible. Facing adversity and balancing a work and home life is proof that girls can do anything they set their mind to. As the lyrics of her song YFN goes, “It’s never a problem when you’re with the Thug Mama.”


Through her music, her character shines. Her music carries a lot of influences, such as hardcore rap and smooth sexy melodies.


In the past year, she worked on rebranding herself and fine tuning her sound.


“2020 was the year to really find myself as an artist, studying my craft and rebranding myself. 2021 is the year of takeover!” commented Thug Misses.


When she first started her career, she signed with West Coast Mafia and Awal record labels. She realized eventually that branching off as an indie artist was more fitting and a better representation of who she is. Collaborating with artists such as JG, the founder of Sacramento-based Eargazm Music Group, known for working with Eve, Kanye West, and Common, her discography continues to grow. Her music is now available on most streaming platforms and attracts thousands of listeners every month.


Recently, she came out with a new single called “99 U Ain’t 1”. Inspired by Jay Z’s song “99 Problems”, she gave it a little twist and brought on Hitta Slim, the mastermind behind the hit “Jackhammer”, and Mistah F.A.B, the genius behind “Oakland”. This rendition allows Camille to bring a new kind of energy to the hip-hop scene.


“I’m really expanding myself and digging deep into my art to push the boundaries of my music. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone’’ she explains.


She is as passionate about her work as she is helping girls gain confidence in themselves. Her journey, one to watch, is just beginning. 

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