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Rowe Rowe Lists the Top Digital Platforms for New Artists to Promote Their Music

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The future of music is digital, with streaming giants like Spotify helping new artists rack up streaming and downloads. The online space is the best place to introduce people to your unique sound. Rapper and music manager Rowe Rowe understands this very well. His new company The Royal Interval plans to revolutionize and digitize music labels by offering artists new ways to have their music heard. Here, Rowe Rowe shares names of three top digital platforms that can help new artists promote their music.



Available on iOS and Android, Bandcamp was designed specifically with independent music artists in mind. Rowe Rowe recommends that every new artist looking to spread his/her music far and wide should check out Bandcamp. The platform allows artists the freedom to set a price for their music exactly as they see fit.



Few digital platforms have been as influential in the rise of independent music stars as SoundCloud. According to Rowe Rowe, SoundCloud’s flexibility in allowing artists to embed their tracks on any website has made them a staple for new artists promoting their music.



Audiomack allows artists to host their music for free and promote it through their music discovery tools. With an extensive dashboard that allows artists to track downloads, streaming, and engagement, Rowe Rowe recommends that budding music artists should explore the platform and see how it can elevate their music promotion.


With digital music establishing itself as the powerhouse of the music industry, learning how to make digital platforms work for you as a rising artist is essential. With this in mind, Rowe Rowe is ready to pick up new music and help it find its audience within the digital music sphere.

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