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Allfor Love! StrugglingMusician-Turned-Record Label Owner; Wendo Musaly

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Love is one of the strongest emotions humans feel. It requires no language or link and is just felt. It is also one of the most diverse emotions too, as it varies from person to person. The love one reciprocates for their mother cannot be the same for their wife. Similarly, there are different forms of love that one feels for different people. One form is the love for humanity. Although not felt by many, this feeling has the tendency to change people’s mindset for the larger good.

Love for humanity is the building block for the foundation of all the charities and funds. The feeling to serve the people of the world at large is beyond measure. One personality who, himself, has suffered the impartialities of the world but still wants to make it a better place is Wendo Musaly.

Hailing from the refugee camps in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania, Wendo Musaly is a high-spirited, optimistic individual who is driven by a love for people and is determined to do good for them. Uncertain of where he was born, according to Musaly, his family fled from the DRC to Tanzania to seek a better-quality life. During his time in Tanzania, his three sisters, a brother, and parents Mudibu Bisengeta (father), Mwasimuke Mulumba (mother), lived at the mercy of the government. Although they were provided with all the necessities, the need for living in an actual house and living a normal life like other kids were dream was for him. Nevertheless, Wendo was never disheartened by the situation and was always taught to think and live positively. He was inclined towards music from an early age. He would often jam with his friends after school. Although they had fewer musical instruments and equipment, their passion for music made them practice despite the lacking. The migration began after a few years, and Wendo had to shift to Winooski, Vermont, in the United States of America with his family. Here he completed his schooling at Winooski High School and is currently pursuing higher studies from Community College of Vermont.

Adversities Do Not Break You; It Makes You Stronger

Wendo Musaly is a man of substance. Instead of spewing hate for the world because it ruined his childhood years, he looked at it from a different perspective. The reality that he was unable to polish his music skills and share his music with the world led him to the thought of helping others. He aimed to ease the process of many struggling artists who did not have a platform to share their work and dreamed of starting a record label.

Entering the media industry and making one’s place in it is relatively more difficult than other sectors. The competition is fierce as everyone struggles to get fame and the spotlight. As a struggling artist, Wendo too faced difficulties in getting himself a place to record his music. After multiple failed attempts, he met his friend Mr. Oli, who introduced him to the music producers. His connections and exposure to the music industry made him conclude that he should release his songs on his record label. And this led him to the foundation of WMM Records. He formed his record label on the basis of providing a platform to all the struggling artists with the potential to showcase their talent to the world. He finally recorded his first EP, called “Tranquility 1.” It was released on 30th January 2020. Wendo created music in genres of Hip-Hop, Afro-Pop, and Pop. There were a total of five tracks in his EP. He then went on and released “Tranquility 2” and “The Best of Wendo Musaly” in late 2020.

Experiencing hardships and struggles in his early years made Wendo a wise man. He had gone through so much that he feared nothing and appreciated everything. Over time, his work as a musician has been recognized and liked by many. One of his songs, Tú’úndané feat. Lumiere Mbilizi is one of his most popular ones. It is about people who left their original homes and relocated to different places. This specific song is close to his heart, and he has written and created this from personal experience. He has collaborated with a number of musicians including, Mr. Oli, Da QBoi, Lumière Mbilizi, and Swaga Milionea. Having a grip over languages such as English, French, and Swahili, Wendo’s songs have garnered attention from audiences worldwide. A man with big dreams, high hopes, a love for people, and a talented personality, Wendo Musaly is all set to reach new heights of success.

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