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Get To Know Adil C The Popstar

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Adil C is the artist name of Adil Chaudhry. His first name ‘Adil’ means Justice. Which is iconic since Adil C’s biggest pop vocal inspiration comes from Justin Bieber who’s most recent album release was named Justice. Adil C was born in Montréal Quebec on April 7th 1997, however he moved to Mississauga/Toronto Canada with his family at an early age of 5 and spent his time growing up in Ontario. After finding his love for music at such a young age, Adil C has been skilled with the ability to play guitar, drums, bass, audio production, recording, mixing/mastering, and singing. In his early elementary school years all the way through high school he was always known as the talented music kid.
After Adil C being in a rock band for years, he started resonating with Bieber’s music and tried a pop single for his first time called ‘Good Enough’. After his success from his very first pop single release, he knew that this was the music he was always meant to do. Adil C is heavily influenced by many popstars, managers, and charity. You can see Adil C actively talks about Justin Bieber, Scooter Braun, Aidan Gallagher, Trinity Rose, Addison Rae, Pencils of Promise, letsfcancer, and many more.

Adil C is coming out with two major hit songs. One which is to be released on July 2nd called “We’re In Paradise” and the other called “I Promise” with upcoming Malibu celebrity Trinity Rose. However the release date for “I Promise” has not yet been released by the two singers and friends. Adil C’s newest song “We’re In Paradise” is already building tons of hype and fans attempting to get sneak peaks. The music industry is saying this will be Adil C’s breakthrough hit song. The song was produced by both Michael Ye and Adil C. The producer Michael Ye, an EDM & Pop producer had an instrumental he made about a year ago was saving the beat for a star singer to topline on. Adil C and Michael Ye both crossed paths through social media and Clubhouse and that’s where the magic happened. Michael Ye sent the Canadian singer the track to see what he could do with the song, and from then on they knew they had just made their world breaking hit.

Adil C’s song ‘We’re In Paradise’ is predicted to be the Canadian pop singer’s biggest breakthrough. The song gives off teen Justin Bieber and summer beach vibes. Adil C announced the tunes release day as July 2nd, could it ironically be planned out to be the day after Canada Day since his whole background comes from that Canadian Maple? Since Adil C has been recognized by Addison Rae, Scooter Braun, Drake Bell, and many more, everyone is putting their money in the hat saying that Adil C is the next rising star and will do good with his name and influence due to his current behaviours and actions of him already donating to organizations, staying in touch with his biggest fans, and voicing to make positive change in the world at such an early stage of his pop

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