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The Chiragh Baloch Show is the First YouTube Series to Uplift Balochi Artists

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Life in Balochistan has its share of ups and downs. Despite being one of the largest provinces in Pakistan, the people of Balochistan have been faced with ongoing chaos, side-lined by policymakers, and ignored by the mainstream media for a long time. However, tech entrepreneur and internet influencer Chiragh Baloch has always seen the beauty in the region and defied the odds to become a Balochi icon.

Born and raised in the Gwadar District, Chiragh always dreamed of bettering his beloved community and changing how the world perceives it. He started on this mission by bettering himself and became a successful tech entrepreneur. After getting his Masters in Information Technology in Russia, he developed successfulsoftware like his messenger app VshGap and a Balochi Stickers plug-in for WhatsApp. He also founded two businesses that serve to strengthen Balochistan’s digital world: BalochTech and Balochhost.

With all that tech success under his belt, Chiragh pivoted toward expressing himself in the creative world. Chiragh believes a lot of Balochians, especially the youth, have untapped talents that they yearn to unlock. The only thing they lack is the confidence to pursue them, and a platform to showcase them. This is what motivated Chiragh to start his platform, ‘The Chiragh Baloch Show.

In this increasingly popular YouTube series and podcast, Chiragh Baloch interviews and showcases different actors, artists, directors, and content creators from Balochistan and beyond. ‘The Chiragh Baloch Show’ focuses on guiding talented artists to gain recognition and establish themselves in the industry. Being an artist and actor himself, Chiragh is well-versed with the challenges one faces in that field. He knows firsthand that it’s rocky when starting up in any career, from music to entrepreneurship. Chiragh believes by giving other content creators a platform, he can motivate them to remain focused on their dreams.

With over 16 thousand subscribers, Chiragh is effectively using his YouTube channel to give a voice to other Balochi artists. The job market can be fiercely competitive, but Chiragh believes by helping grow and nurture these talents, people of Balochi will be able to earn a living by doing what they love.

The now-influential content creator recalls the hardships he had to face to get to where he stands today. He notes that his strong vision and clear values have kept him pushing forward, even during the most challenging times.

“Growth is a result of hard work and determination,” Chiragh says. “What separates you from your dreams is how far you are willing to go to make them a reality.”

Throughout his journey, this entrepreneur has learned not to let people’s opinions or disagreements bring him down. Challenges are meant to make you better as long as you use the lessons to your advantage.

From a small, humble community to becoming a successful entrepreneur, web series host, and software developer, Chiragh is still soaring upward. His story is a source of empowerment and inspiration to countless people across Balochistan, and his dedication is proof that nothing is impossible.

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