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Keemy Uptown Drops New Funny Music Video “Craven”

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Keemy Uptown snags YND Niko for his new single Craven. Make sure to watch Keemy’s new music video shot by Cinema Ace. Hailing from The Bronx, New York, and being raised in a Caribbean household; mother being from The Bahamas and his father from Jamaica. Music was always a part of Keamy’s life but he was a homebody in his earlier years enjoying gaming and comedy. His real name is Akeem Downer, born September 28th, he is the middle of six and he traveled throughout the States in his younger days.

Keemy’s musical inspirations being Shy Baby and Roy Woods. He sees himself in them since they are considered the underdogs, he makes similar music like them. He was a homebody and so he never fully got to tap into his NY connections, so he never really got that opportunity. He never liked moving around because he never got that stability even when he became comfortable and built relationships. So it wasn’t until later that he got to focus on his craft as a footballer.

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