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Sean Doron Talks About Illuminati and Its Huge Success after Jasmino

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Sean Doron is one of the first names you will encounter when you search for the best DJs in Israel. He is making the country proud by representing Israel in various music festivals. Sean’s fan-following goes beyond the borders of Israel. He is now a world-famous DJ, and his fans expect him to deliver hits every year.


With such high expectations, how does the DJ keep delivering hits one after another? He said, “My focus is to make the crowd happy. When I started playing in Tel Aviv nightclubs, I didn’t expect to have so many fans. But I soon noticed that a huge section of the young crowd was enjoying my music. They were found house and groove sounds with trippy synths and vocals, just like me. That helped me figure out my audience. Soon, I started creating tracks that would suit that genre. And I think that was the time when my music shot to fame.”


Success of Illuminati


Sean’s fans always have high expectations from him whenever he announces the release of his upcoming tracks. His EP jasmino on Rebellion became an instant hit as soon as it was released in 2018. One of the songs, Jasmino, became a chart-topper for many weeks. But jasmino was a collaborative effort of Sean and Stephan Bazbaz. Illuminati, from the Flying Circus Recordings, is a whole ep by Sean.


The Israeli producer has already been a part of many enigmatic releases for popular labels, such as Inmotion Music, Beat Boutique, Bla Bla, and Rebellion. This album has three mind-boggling songs that his fans say are “perfect for setting the dance floor on fire.” 


Breaking down the songs


One of the reasons why Illuminati was one of the biggest hits of the year was because it had three completely different types of songs. Sean said, “I tried to make the songs sound different from each other. I wanted to ensure that their tunes and beats sound similar. For example, the title track, Illuminati is more pick time track than the other two songs. I did it purposefully as people usually expect the title track to sound the best among the other tracks. And since nightclubs play loud music, I wanted the beats to drop the hardest so that people could enjoy them to their fullest. The shimmering percussions and dense synths and vocals make this song stand out.”


On the other hand, Pleasure & Pain has vivacious instruments that slowly drift over ethereal tones and unhurried rhythms. This is the first time I mixed vivacious instruments with slow rhythms, and the risk paid off big time. The last song, Ritual Gathering, has reverberating vocals that mix with spiraling strings. Its occasional meandering percussions give a unique beat to the music.”


Sean is as talented as they come when it comes to knowledge about the DJ industry. It’s tough to find someone who consistently delivers hit songs like Sean. Without question, he’s bound to release more hits that Tel Aviv will indeed feel proud of.

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