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Why Mixed By Kamillion Decided To Move From DJing To Making Music

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Originally born in Farmville Virginia, artist Mixed By Kamillion moved to Jersey city, New Jersey at an early age. Music had always run in Kamillion’s blood, as his grandfather had his own group that toured around the United States. A few of his other family members are also heavily involved in the music industry as musicians as well.

Mixed By Kamillion began his musical journey at 13-years-old when his mom bought him his first set of DJing equipment. He began DJing but realized that his real passion was making music and not just playing it for others. However, it wasn’t until he was 20 years old that Kamillion started creating his own music and by the time he was 22, he had his own recording studio.

Kamillion says he wants everyone to enjoy his music. “I make all types of music so from the people I create it with to the people who listen, I want everyone to enjoy the music and create memories that last forever,” explained Kamillion. “From listening in the studio, driving in the car, or even a birthday party where everyone is having fun.”

Mixed By Kamillion recently released a string of singles going into the New Year. He dropped a collab with LBS, Chevy Porter and HARRDLUCK called “Cold Days In The Summer” and also dropped another single with Sns and Arnstar called “Head To The Sky”. While Kamillion has yet to release anything in 2021, his listeners eagerly wait for new tracks.

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