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Top 10 Music Artists That You Need To Check This Decade

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Music has been there for centuries and it will continue being there. Each decade is characterized by iconic musicians who are always taking care of their fans by releasing interesting songs to them. As a writer and music enthusiast, I took time to research some of the artists that you need to watch this decade. They are carefully handpicked by a set of music enthusiasts and producers. 

Astyle Alive

Astyle Alive is an artist from New York who started making music in the year 2005. He spends most of his time in the studio, a secret that has made him stand out in the music industry. He is inspired by people like Jay Z, Diddy, and 50 Cent. He recently is working on the releases of his projects Skillibeng ALIEN, Jahvinci Popular Demand, and Dutchavelli ft Skillibeng. He is also going to drop collaborations that will feature the likes of Trav, Sean Kingston, Amara BB, Jada Kingdom, D’yani, and many more.

Jazmin Akea

Jazmin Akea is a musician whose original home is Washington DC,and raised in multiple places like California, Italy, Guam,and Memphis. Her adventure in the music industry started when she was in highschool, where she was singing and songwriting for a local girl group in Memphis called Flirt. She also featured in her first ever radio feature in Holly Springs. Jazmin Akea mostly spends her time in her home studio making music for the fans. She is currently songwriting for her new EP, and also curating songs for future live performances, as things in LA are just about to get back to normal.


1Jfre$h, a former member of Gboyz, is from Orlando FL. He ventured into the music industry when he was 14, as it was something he always had passion for. He is not planning on settling for nothing but the best as he is currently working on dropping a big track “FRESHPACK” 2 (Pandemic). His fans ought to be on the lookout for more music, more concerts, merchandise,live performances,and collaborations, as seems to be a shining star in the near future.

D Kirk KV

Dwayne Kirkland, better known on stage as D Kirk KV is an artist you will love to watch as he makes his way up the ladder in the music industry. Growing in Philadelphia, PA, his interest in music had shown when he was just about 10 years, where he would sing in concerts and school plays. He then got more involved in the industry when he was attending Kutztown University in 2012,where he explored beats, rhymes, riddims,and more. He had also met a lot of people who helped him launch his craft on all social media platforms. Will Smith is D Kirk’s hero since he was a child for his super talent in music, television shows, and movies. He is currently working on releasing a new single “Never Ft Kawleo”, that he speculates will promote his hot number one single, ‘Understanding ft Malia’


Intrepid is an artist from Chicago, Illinois, who went through a lot of obstacles to get to where he is now. He started making music when he was at his ex-best friend’s house where they were listening to his music and he was sparked by the thought of writing a song by himself, as he was previously a YouTube gamer and animator and wanted to try something new. They went ahead and made a song called Champion. Everything looked fine until the hate started rising because of the controversy his friend was in. Problems then occurred behind the scenes which caused Intrepid to take a break. While in his break from music, Intrepid talked with a good friend (now Intrepid’s manager and producer) Smok3 Santana, who convinced him to get back in the industry. He even offered him a record label deal! Smok3 Santana and Intrepid have recently released a new song called Confess, which is available on YouTube and SoundCloud and soon on other major platforms! They are also working on a whole album to be released soon that will feature artists like Diggy Danja, Seando, Smok3 Santana, Cuss, Rocstarzen, and many more.


Jtti is a musical artist from Albany, NY, who started making music a year ago. He is so passionate about his talent that you’ll always find him in the studio creating more music for his fans, and getting to improve his craft. He is currently working on dropping some summer vibes soon, and a project which will feature a local 518 upcoming artist, you don’t want to miss the updates on his social media pages.


Pericles, a music artist and freestyler is originally from Lancaster PA, but he now stays at Harrisburg PA. At an early age of 16, he already had a marketing deal for a tape he was going to do, but something happened and he was forced to postpone it to around October last year. He now has his own recording equipments so he does it all by himself. His hard work is currently being directed to a project that will be dropping soon, “Late Night Vibes”, that will follow “Spotify”, which was recently released.

Brennan Martin

In 2016, Brennan Martin started making music by creating CDs and giving them to the fans and supporters, in Neptune, NJ, which is his home. His urge to diversify interests has made him start a clothesline, “my fans now have a piece of myself to wear,” he says. He has also been selected to be on 50 Cent’s website, (he started dancing to 50 Cent’s tunes when he was a toddler) which he terms as a great achievement and honor.

Slim Rig

Slim Rig’s debut project “2 Sides To Every Story” is about to drop on all platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora & i-Heart Radio. The album will be released on Friday 1/22/21. The album was completely produced by Chris Cadence, who is Slim Rig’s personal producer. The meaning behind the title of the project is there are always two sides to every story. Every story and situation is different unless you walked in those shoes personally. Slim Rig has shown his creative side but not only that but he has some deeper messages behind each song. Currently due to the Pandemic that has continued to put a halt on live performances in the Jersey area, Slim plans to finish up a few more official music videos for a few of the records on the album. This is a project that you should listen to from the intro to the end. 

Paul Gottlieb

Paul Gottlieb who is also known as Pdot is a musician from Cairo, NY. He started making music when he was a kid. He attests he loves to adventure and to go out gaming. His childhood hero is Buddha. Pdot is currently working on a mixtape project that will give his fans some music to enjoy as he plans for his first full album. He is mostly found on Instagram @Pdot518 and Snapchat.

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