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How Game Streaming Revitalized The Career Of Content Creator Hamzah Sadaah aka Absorber

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Many failures line the paths of successful careers, but great successes always outshine them. Texas-based streamer Hamzah Saadah knows this firsthand. He has come to be recognized by the name Absorber, and his early career faced the challenges of gaining audience traction. He broke into the YouTube and social media scene with card magic, challenge videos with his brothers, and day-to-day vlogging. Around two years of minimal growth led Absorber to gaming videos, and he has since taken off. He reflects, “Ever since I have been posting gaming videos, and I do not regret anything I did in the past because I probably would not be here today if I did not try out vlogging or the magic videos.”

Absorber’s social media following has grown over 8,000,000 across platforms, and he largely focuses on producing Fortnite and Minecraft videos for YouTube and TikTok. He described his content as, “I just mess around on whatever game I am playing, and people find it very entertaining. I am also really good at any game that I play, so I feel like that has something to do with why people really enjoy my content. I do voice impressions as well, and I love showing that off in my videos as people really love seeing that.”

The fear of failure has never stopped Absorber as he progresses in his career. He stands by the belief that “to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be highly energetic and motivated. You cannot be afraid of failing. You need to fail to succeed, and I think that is the best way to put it. Put your mind to something, and get it done.” A strategy he will continue to employ as he grows in the industry and expands his personal brand.

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